Blood Feud Excerpt: Book 7 of the NSC Series

Hey guys.

An excerpt for book 7 in the Night Stalker Crew Series, entitled Blood Feud, is finally up…

The human and the supernatural world tread on the brink of destruction. When four covens of witches band together to bring down the Vampiric Council, it is up to Jailyn and the others to stop them before hell on earth breaks loose. While the clock is ticking, the death of their own cannot go unavenged. Because as the saying goes… revenge is a dish best served cold.

You can read the excerpt here!

Enjoy, and Happy New Year. :)

Blood Defiance Is Out!

My novella, Blood Defiance, the latest book in the Night Stalker Crew Series is now out for all to read.
Here’s the synopsis for book 6.5:
Jordana Leivlend was like any other civilized vampire out there. She follows the rules, but one day, all that changed. In this fast-paced novella, join Jordana in a rollercoaster ride, as she takes you back to 1801—the beginning of her two hundred and twelve years of captivity at the hands of a vampire, two necromancers, and a coven of witches.

I had a lot of fun writing this novella, so I hope you enjoy reading Jordana’s back-story, hopefully shedding light onto the reasons why she is the way she is today. She wasn’t mentioned much in book 6, Blood Redemption, but there will be more of her in the next full-length book in the series. I’m still in the writing stage for book 7 currently entitled Blood feud, so keep checking back!

So like, when I was blogging this last night, I forgot to put the direct link to the book, LOL. So here’s the link for book 6.5:
Click here to go to the book page!


Romance. Really?

First off, I have nothing against authors who write in the romance genre. After all, I have a little of something something in my own series, if you get my meaning. :P With that out of the way, I like reading romance, but I also hate it. When I listen to an audio book or read it via screen reader, I find myself getting very, very annoyed with the book. Here’s why. The beginning few chapters, hero falls in love with heroine, or heroine falls in love with hero, whatever. Hero thinks about how hot heroine is, and heroine vice versa. I know how hot the hero/heroine is to each other, but I don’t need to read something like, ‘Is her lush kissable mouth as soft as it looks? I have to kiss her to find out. She looks at me with those big baby-blue eyes, and I just want to take her to the floor and fuck her until she screams my name while I cum inside her.’ Okay, that was just an example, and yeah I know, it was horrible. My point is, I don’t need to read about how kissable his/her mouth is, how much hero wants to get into heroine’s pants, or how soft and smooth her skin is, or how long, soft, and silky her hair is for a hundred pages straight. First, I know all this already and don’t need to be reminded in every sentence. Reminded here and there throughout the book, cool, but every single page? Not cool, if hero wants to fuck the heroine or whatever, awesome, but I seriously don’t need eight chapters of fantasizing, moaning, and groaning about heroine bitch slapping hero, or the other way around. And as for sex, I don’t need to read sex scenes in every chapter either. Hmm, maybe this is why I don’t like reading erotica in the first place. Anyways, I’m done complaining. For now.

Writer’s Block

Don’t you just lloooove writer’s block? You love it so much that your brain hurts just from thinking too hard… I mean, you just sit there… in front of your computer, notebook, a piece of paper, whatever, and you’re just… sitting there, fingers typing away and then erasing, or pen scrawling across the paper and scratching it out, over and over and over and over… This. Is. Super annoying and irritating beyond words. For me, my ideas come to me mostly while I’m trying to sleep, and then I have to open up word and type it down before I forget them the next day. Sometimes this is a pain in my ass, because once I get up, have word opened and ready to type away, my brilliant and awesome ideas slips from me as if it never existed in my brain in the first place. Then I’m more annoyed and pissed off. And oh yeah, once I’m up, I can’t go back to sleep for hours. Then I’m pissed to the point of wanting to hit something or someone. Yes yes I know. I am a temperamental bitch, and my friends love me for it. :P I think I’m done ranting for the moment. But don’t you people agree writer’s block fucking sucks? Majorly? For now, happy writing! If you are a writer that is.